Two-day tours around the Golden ring (19 or 49)

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1. Great towns of the Old Zales’e
(Rostov - Yaroslavl - boat sally along the Volga river - Kostroma - Plyos)

The most magnificent, the oldest islets of the Russian history and the famous capital of the Russian landscape in two days excursion! Really great and inexhaustible Rostov Veliki (Rostov the Great), majestic miracle of ‘cold” temples of stunning Yaroslavl (Yaroslavl is called the “Russian North Florence”), and the pearl of the Russian history, beautiful Kostroma. Finally, charming Plyos, the most picturesque town on the Volga, the capital town of Russian artists, town great Levitan loved the most.

Plus bonus: wonderful evening sally on the board of “The Volga sunsets” little boat.

Tour program

Rostov the Great:

  • Loop sightseeing ride
  • Visit to the active Monastery of the Savior and St. James
  • The Rostov Kremlin
  • The Museum of enamels


  • Loop sightseeing ride.
  • The Monastery of the Savior and the Holy Transfiguration of Our Lord, the historical, architectural, and art museum
  • Evening boat sally on board of “The Volga sunsets” boat


  • Loop sightseeing ride
  • Visit to the Monastery of the Savior and St. Anastasia
  • Visit to the Monastery of Saint Hypatius
  • House (the Chambers) of the Romanovs boyar family


  • Loop sightseeing ride
  • Levitans museum.

2. Weekends at the Sofrino lands
(Abramtsevo, Sergiev Posad and a day of relaxation at Sofrino park-hotel)

Welcome to two-day tour with a day of relaxation at the old Sofrino land. The jewel of our sightseeing program is the visit to famous museum-reserve Abramtsevo. We will discover for ourselves several new corners of Moscow region. We will feel refreshment of mind and body!

Tour program

  • Visit to historical and arts museum-reserve Abramtsevo (workshop, park)
  • Visit to the Church of the Smolensk image of the Holy Mother in Sofrino
  • Visit to Sergiev Posad and to the Trinity Lavra (Monastery) of St. Sergius
  • Visit to “The Russian bells” exposition

3. Тo the holy places of the Russian land
(Murom — Diveevo)

Join us in two-day tour around the holy land of Diveevo. We will visit the old Russian town Murom. This town is the native land of Pyotr and Fevronia, patrons of marriage. We will get to know the story of their inconceivable love and we will bow to the saints’ relics in the Trinity monastery. At night, we will stay at comfortable, cozy hotel situated near holy springs of Diveevo. We will visit the Diveevo St. Seraphim convent that is called the Holy Mother’s fourth domain on the earth!

Tour program


  • General sightseeing ride around the town
  • The Trinity convent where relics of St. Pyotr and Thevronia are preserved
  • The monastery of Annunciation
  • Visis to the Murom historical and arts Museum, with the ceremonial reception of guests by Ilya Muromets and a Russian beauty who will present a kalach (a sort of white loaf) to visitors


  • General sightseeing ride around Diveevo
  • Diveevo monastery of the Saint Trinity and St. Seraphim
  • Visit to Diveevo holy springs devoted to the Kazan image of Holy Mother, to The Tender Feeling image, to Panteleimon the saint healer and to the spring of Seraphim of Sarov

4. Miraculous and memorable holidays at “The Planet of Dolfins”! Sightseeing program which offers a chance getting to know the brightest pearls of the Golden Ring, the luxurious Yaroslavl and exhaustless as the very Rus’ - the Mother Rostov the Great.

Tour program

Departure on comfortable bus to Yaroslavl (the distance is about 260 km). Yaroslavl... The heart of Old Rus and the most precious gem in the Golden Ring necklace. Visit to Yaroslavl State Museum-reserve Monastery of the Savior and the Holy Transfiguration of Our Lord

And afterwards you may on your own accord to make acquaintance with the live symbol of Yaroslavl, Masha, the funny bear sow (it resides in an enclosure constructed in the territory of the museum-reserve (as befits, in winter the bear sow sleeps at its den).

Hot lunch.

Yaroslavl Doplhinarium is one of the biggest dolphinariums in Russia and the only dolphinarium in Yaroslavl region. It is a big complex with swimming-pools and water “arenas”, new mini-hotel with excellent suites, picturesque territory and tropical rest zones. Loop around the complex, with visit to the vista point. Observation of free-swimming dolphins. From the vista point and attended by a guide, you will acquaint with the life of the most smart inhabitants of sea depths, dolphins and beluga whales (white polar whales) and will have a chance to observe these admirable and graceful animals in their, so to say, “private life”, at ease. Group contact communication with a dolphin (cost is included in the tour fee).

The dinner is at tourists’ expense.

Day 2.

Breakfast at the hotel, with an eye to white polar whales and dolphins!

This day you may feel the immediate and miraculous effect of unique dolphin therapy and swim together with dolphins or even to make a circle around the swimming-pool and communicate with a friendly and curious walrus (swimming with dolphins, communication with walrus and making a circle on a dolphin are possible only if there is a performance time is available; this entertainment should be booked in advance and be paid extra).


After lunch, you are awaited at the magnificent “Sea music”, water show performed by the smartest and friendly sea inhabitants (the tour fee includes the cost)! You will see stunts (in many respects these stunts are unique) performed by playful dolphins, graceful white whales, funny fur seals and young charming walruses. A fascinating, unforgettable, exciting and really splendid performance!

Check-up in the hotel. Departure to Rostov the Great.

And we continue our marvelous journey in Rostov the Great, old and inexhaustible as the mother—Rus itself!

The Rostov Kremlin is the most precious gem of the old Russian architecture monuments and one of the greatest monuments of the Russian culture. It is well known in the world. During general sightseeing ride around the Kremlin you will get acquainted with this masterpiece of architecture.

5. District town

Tour program


  • Road sightseeing ride. Stop at Kalyazin (if possible), examination of unique “swimming” bell tower of the St. Nicholas cathedral.


  • The Uglich Kremlin
  • Church of Dmitri-on-the Spilled Blood
  • The Cathedral of the Savior and the Holy Transfiguration of Our Lord
  • The “Miraculous” church of the Assumption in Monastery of St. Alexey
  • “Tales of the old house” interactive program


  • The cathedral of the Assumption
  • “The Russian felt boots” Museum with expositions “Flax” and “The felt boot’s sisters and brothers”
  • House of crafts with blacksmith’s shop and pottery
  • The Mouse museum


  • Visit to the Museum of Kazkari
  • “Komennichanie”: the theater-entertainment program performed on Kazkari dialect
  • House of crafts with blacksmith’s shop and pottery
  • Food from the Russian hearth (shchi (cabbage soup), potato with chicken meat, sour cream, pies, delicacies, baked milk or tea).

6. Princes of Rus`

Tour program


  • Loop sightseeing ride
  • The Suzdal Kremlin with the Vaulted chamber
  • The Monastery of Our Savior and St. Euthymius
  • The wood architecture museum


  • The Holy Bogolyubski Monastery in Bogolyubovo
  • External examination of Intercession of the Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin (if weather permits)
  • Loop sightseeing tour
  • Architecture of the Golden gate
  • The St. Dmitri cathedral
  • The Assumption cathedral
  • The museum of crystal wares, miniature lacquer paintings and embroidery (or “Old Vladimir” exhibition)

7. The Volga Zales’e
(Pereslavl-Zalesski, Rostov the Great — Kostroma — Plyos)

Tour program


  • Loop sightseeing ride


  • Visit to the Rostov Kremlin (examination of its exterior)
  • Pottery workshop
  • Exposition “Walls and passages of the Rostov Kremlin” (small passages) — in summertime, Museum of Rostov enamels in winter


  • Loop sightseeing ride around the town
  • The Museum of jewelry or “Flax and birchbark” Museum
  • The St. Hypathius monastery (the Trinity cathedral, burial vault or Chambers of the Romanovs boyar family)
  • Visit to the Monastery of the Epiphany and St. Anastasia


  • Loop sightseeing ride around the town
  • Visit to I. Levitans house-museum
  • The museum of landscape

8. Heritage of Old Russia
(Pereslavl-Zalesski, Yuriev-Pol’ski, Suzdal —Vladimir, bus tour, 2 days)

Tour program


  • Loop tour around the town


  • Monastery of St. Michael the Archangel (architecture)
  • St. George monastery (architecture)
  • Visit to “P. I. Bagration, the national hero of Russia” exposition


  • The Kremlin, with visit to the Vaulted chamber (interior)
  • The Nativity of Blessed Holy Virgin cathedral (architecture)
  • The wood architecture museum
  • The Monastery of the Savior and St. Euthymius, with visit to the cathedral
  • The Intercession of the Holy Mother cathedral (examination from the vista point)


  • The Assumption cathedral

9. Classics of the Volga towns
(Pereslavl-Zalesski — Yaroslavl—Kostroma)

Tour program


  • Bus ride around the town


  • General sightseeing ride around the town.
  • Monastery of the Savior and the Holy Transfiguration of Our Lord, the historical, architectural and arts museum
  • “Treasures of Yaroslavl” exhibition.
  • Visit to the Tolgski monastery


  • General sightseeing ride
  • The Monastery of St. Hypathius
  • The Romanovs boyar family chambers
  • The wooden architecture museum
  • Visit to the creative museum of Flax and Birchbark

10. Eternal town Suzdal, known and unknown (2 days)

Two days in Suzdal! Accommodation at the best hotels of the town! Suzdal is the most known and the most mysterious town in Russia. We invite you to spend two days in this town and to enjoy it with no hurry. Discover new, unknown pages of its history.

Tour program

Day 1: excursion to the Monastery of the Protecting Veil of the Holy Mother, with survey of Tsarines—nuns’ burial vault and visits to the Intercession and the Annunciation cathedrals. Visit to “Schurovo gorodishche”: survey of exposition, excursion, opportunities to try one’ hand in mastership in one type of weapons (bow, sword or spear).

Day 2: general sightseeing excursion around Suzdal with visits to the Kremlin, the Bishopric chambers (the Vaulted chamber and the historical exposition), visit to Spaso—Efiemiev monastery, the Gold cellar and “Suzdal prison” museum. Visit to “Suzdal mead” tasting room.

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